Dr Eleni Staraki receives by appointment. Appointments are scheduled only by the person directly concerned and not through third parties (friends or relatives whatsoever), unless they are minors, for whom the consent of their parents or guardians and the child’s or adolescent’s permission is required. Contacting our office is absolutely confidential and protected according to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


  • 2nd Klm Highway Ierapetra-Aghios Nikolaos
    72200 Ierapetra, Crete
  • Landline: 28420323663
  • Cell: 6980481821
  • To schedule an appointment, you may contact us Monday through Friday, 10:00pm – 14:30pm.

Contact via email

The use of e-mail is limited as no appointments are made online. We will not answer questions about coaching that require a personalized evaluation. But you may communicate with us about issues such as:

  • Booking a speaking engagement or training session in your community
  • Booking a lecture, keynote, TV, Radio, Magazine or Newspaper appearance
  • Scheduling a seminar for your company
  • Working with Dr Eleni Staraki on Coaching
  • I accept the (Privacy Policy)
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