1:1 Leadership Communication Coaching

For experienced, novice, and emergent leaders who want to earn respect, build trust and get results.

Communicate with confidence, clarity, and influence.

Whether you are a novice, emergent or an experienced leader, you sometimes feel you cannot influence no matter of your position nor level of authority.

You even find it difficult to be seen and respected as a leader.

And sometimes no matter the effort, you cannot communicate with clarity and confidence.

Lack of confidence and clarity, decreased influence and lack of trust and respect, it’s because you have a partial understanding of what is and how leadership communication can work to your leadership’s benefit.

Often times, we are our worst enemies when it comes to communicating what we want and how to influence others to act the way we want.

As a result, your credibility is being damaged, and trust from your people, credibility and confidence plummets.

Your ideas, business goals and vision get a bad rap.

None follows you where you dream to go.


I’ve seen many leaders who wanted to make a positive impact.

However, ineffective communication skills and lack of proper training when they transitioned into a leadership role stopped them from engaging their people and increasing productivity, performance and team functioning.

A.k.a. – They had ZERO impact (they were into a position of influence without any influencing taking place…) because they could not be persuasive and credible.

Leadership Communication

Navigating through Aristotle’s Influence Triangle in the 21st century Leadership

Aristotle's Conclusive Model of Persuasion

Great leaders are always considered as first-class, credible communicators.

Leadership Communication requires us to appeal to the three essential qualities of persuasion and influence as defined by Aristotle: Ethos, Pathos, Logos.

Ethos: the character we project to our audience

Pathos: the relation, the connection with our audience

Logos: the reason behind our purpose


It is not always easy to know how to:

  • remove misconceptions and negative mental chatter preventing you from speaking with clarity and confidence
  • communicate your thoughts and ideas in a way that will resonate with others and compel them to take action
  • use your unique character strengths on your leadership, communication, and public presentations to make a positive impact
  • un-stuck from a position of powerlessness although you have shared your expectations
  • to improve your leadership, teamwork, and overall workplace communication
  • exert positive influence regardless of your position and level of authority
  • make difficult conversations and provide constructive feedback
  • perform under pressure, stress and conflicting demands
  • manage challenging peers and superiors
  • communicate changes in the workplace
  • increase engagement, collaboration, trust and overall experience

The successful version of your leadership possesses authority and credibility, inspires trust and respect, connects with others individually and in groups, articulates a clear and motivating vision and ideas, and skillfully motivates and guides others to act.

The key to Leadership Communication is implementing advanced communication that connects you to others and through that connection you motivate, persuade, influence, guide and inspire.

This is how I help you become a credible and trustworthy leader who gets results.
Ethos: your character strengths & confidence
Pathos: your emotional connection to your people
Logos: the value of your vision and mission

Let’s build confidence in your Leadership Communication.

Leadership Communication Coaching will support you to become an assertive, trustworthy and confident leader who communicates with clarity, influence and is able to inspire to get results.

I will be by your side while you transforming your leadership communication and becoming a great communicator who leads with empathy, authority and charisma.

Whether in Sales, Marketing, Finance, or Technology, together we will build the best leadership communication strategy so you:

  • build trust
  • get results
  • earn respect
  • increase your visibility
  • advance your career
  • decrease stress & anxiety
  • convey ideas with clarity & confidence
  • elevate speaking & executive presence
Working with me ensures you get access to the best, proven strategies based on the sciences of language, coaching psychology and leadership.

1:1 Leadership Communication Coaching

I am here to help you build trust, earn respect and get results in your workplace.
Let’s have a conversation about your communication skills and how your communication style could help support your business initiatives.

How does the program work?

Before you sign up for the program, we will meet on a complimentary 30-minute session (via Zoom or in person) so we can get to know each other and brainstorm your leadership and communication goals a little.

During our meeting we will have the opportunity to brainstorm your aspirations and goals, understand whether this program is right for you and if we can partner together.

When you are ready to start working with me as your coach here’s what comes next.


4 Phase Program

The program is an intensive, individualized 12-week 1: 1 coaching via Zoom or in-person.

I do not provide a superficial approach to leadership communication because I want to see you attain your business goals.


To communicate with confidence and clarity so you build trust, earn respect and get things done, we will examine in depth your communication style and how that affects your leadership and the attainment of your goals.

In this first phase, we will assess three important areas:


  1. Character Strengths
  2. Emotional Intelligence
  3. Leadership Communication



In our first 90-minute Strategic Planning session, we’ll create your personal action plan for moving forward, identifying all the areas that need to be improved.

The goal is to create a flexible communication strategy depending on the situation, your personal and business goals, your values, and how you can best achieve your communicative goals.

At this phase of the program, I will coach and support you while you implement the strategic plan so you become a better leader-communicator.

We will also address needs for change and existing change practices with proven methodologies, tools and coaching.

As a leader, you will also work to become aware of the workings and power of your communication style, to make sure that you work effectively as a team member and keep all players involved.

I’m also here to help you:

  • Stop overthinking things
  • Reach your goals faster
  • Un-complicate the change process
  • Skip the mistakes and learning curve
  • Keep you motivated and moving forward

Throughout the program, you can reach out for more support.



An essential part of the program is Executive Coaching.

Change is not a one-off action and definitely not linear.

During your leadership journey and as you develop new communication skills, mindset, and challenge old, non-functional strategies and mental barriers, you will face moments of doubt and hesitation.

With executive coaching, I will facilitate thinking and reflecting for decisions, actions and learning. As a result, your individual and organizational goals are achieved, enhancing personal and professional meaning and purpose.


With the program you get:

  • 90-minute Strategic Planning Session
  • 11 x 1-hour coaching sessions (via Zoom or in-person)
  • EQ assessment
  • Strengths assessment
  • Leadership Communication assessment
  • Individualized coaching & development plan
  • Session recordings
  • Individualized EQ resources
  • Individualized Strengths resources
  • Individualized Leadership Communication strategies
  • Ongoing support between sessions via email and/or voice message
  • Tailored to your goals pre-work/homework: worksheets and exercises, evidence-based techniques, tips and tools

Some examples of what we might work on:

  • Exert positive influence regardless of your position and level of authority
  • Be seen and respected as a leader
  • Provide constructive feedback without hurting the relationship
  • Make your ideas and opinions heard and seriously considered
  • Improve your team management and teamwork communication skills
  • Meet your deadlines without you chasing after employees
  • Speak up for yourself and get what you want and need to build your business, your people, and/or your career
  • Build your Emotional Intelligence to positively persuade and influence
  • Discover your unique Strengths to increase the credibility of your ideas and calls to action
  • Foster trust, respect and openness in your vision
  • Skillfully motivate individuals at every level and drive change collectively
  • Make difficult conversations with compassion and courage
  • Think with clarity, express ideas, and share information with diverse audiences while still cooperating at a high level
  • Apply your strengths to leadership communication
  • Gain clarity over your leadership values and purpose

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