I work with leaders who aren’t feeling confident that they are effectively communicating with their people as well as they could be, and they want to do better in order to connect with them and foster positive change. As a certified Executive & Leadership Communication Coach (AC, EMCC), Consultant and Strategist with a PhD in Linguistics, who has been studying how people’s behavior is influenced by the way you talk and communicate, since 2005,

I offer a unique and proven methodology on how to develop transformational leadership by mastering the most important capability, the ability to communicate effectively.

Hey, I'm Eleni

I’m a certified (AC, EMCC) and credentialized (EMCC) Executive & Communication Coach, Consultant
and Strategist with a PhD in Linguistics, facilitator, lecturer, speaker, author who has been studying
how people’s behavior is influenced by the way you talk and communicate, since 2005.
After over 13 years of living, learning and training in the world of Humanities, business and academia,
I founded Staraki Coaching –my Executive & Leadership Communication Practice in 2019.
Using practices, methods, and techniques backed by scientific research in Linguistics and Coaching
Psychology, I’ll help you build confidence and competence in your unique leadership communication
style, so that you get not only seen, but heard and recognized as a leader in your industry.
I regularly share my insights as a keynote speaker, trainer (NKUA, ACI), author (ACI & personal
website) training & workshop facilitator and mentor at in-person or online events and conferences. I
am also regularly featured as a guest on radio shows.


I am passionate about leadership communication.
I help experienced, novice and aspiring leaders to effectively communicate to influence, persuade,
motivate, and inspire action.
I believe your vision is amazing and I want to help you tell the world how extraordinary it is.
Would you like to know how I can support you, your leaders, team or organization?

What people say

"Eleni helped me break down my complex thought process into simpler steps and prioritize them thing about the effect it has on other person listening. She also helped me realize how the “WHY” during the conversation is a learning point both personally and professionally. Overall, Eleni helped me raise my awareness, encouraged my reflection and learning and brought me different perspectives. On a scale I would give 9/10 because it has enhance my delivery of speech and communication and the impact of it".
Karthik Duraisami
Disability Case Manager & Certified Life Coach
Overall, I have had an amazing experience with Eleni and I don’t have anything for her to improve on! Eleni’s attentiveness, she was very focused on helping me to work on my communication challenges! I like the homework tasks that I got, because they really helped me to reflect and see where I need to improve on! I liked the questions Eleni asked to get to the root of my problems which led to events that happened in my childhood! Learning to communicate better with my family and clients. I am very grateful for Eleni for helping me to create an effective conversation process for my discovery calls to position myself as the solution for my ideal clients. I give her a 10+ as I am extremely satisfied with Eleni. She’s very patient, knowledgeable and I appreciate her support and feedback from working together! I would definitely work back with her again! I’ve learnt a lot from her, from the different perspectives she shared with me!
Rushaunna Beckles
Marketing Strategy Consultant for Financial Coaches
I love working with Eleni. I most appreciate her high emotional intelligence. Many times I had “AHA!” moments when she brought me to an epiphany about my behavior or how I reacted towards others. I hope Eleni considers communication programs strictly for personal communication. She helped me both with corporate AND personal. One key thing was Eleni pointing out how to focus on the other person’s perspective, not just mine. It was an eye-opening moment. Once I thought about it from both perspectives, it became easier to communicate and also to control my reaction to bad communication I was experiencing. I give her a 10! I would highly recommend Eleni for communication coaching, she is the best!
Anne-Beth Campbell
Anne-Beth Campbell Corporate Leader, Author, Podcaster
I appreciated the adjustments to help me get to my deeper emotional stumbling blocks and the techniques she used to get me there. I also appreciated the tools and resources she gave me to embed thinking and practice strategies to push me towards my goal. My learning points centered around why I overcommunicate and why I don’t feel concise in presenting and communicating with clients. I learnt that I self-doubt and pre-empt questions which is why I overcommunicate. I also learnt where this stems from, going back to childhood criticisms around my work. From this I was able to learn what I need and that the self-doubt and questioning I is me feeding off these earlier criticisms. I learnt the need therefore to accept my thoughts. I give her a 10 – Eleni was clear with what her aims were and adjusted to meet my needs. She also provided some great resources to help embed my learning to progress towards my goal.
Rebecca Worboys
Virtual Assistant
Communication is one of the essential tools for helping get what you want and need out of life, and yet, no one is taught to communicate effectively with people. Which is exactly why you need Eleni. She is brilliant at helping you create communication channels that not only empower others, it helps make your life so much easier. So, many people in leadership and management rolls just don't have the skills to communicate with everyone on their team. Simply because they weren't taught how to, which creates so much friction within the team. And a sense of hopelessness in the leader. But Eleni has the ability to help you change all that. If you're looking to be a strong leader who empowers and supports your entire team, you need Eleni on your team. If you are a small business owner who is looking to learn how to attract and work with your clients better, you need Eleni on your team. Communication is the key to changing lives - including yours - so let Eleni show you how to do it better. It's her area of genius and she's freaking awesome at supporting you to become a better communicator.
Heidi Medina
Social Media Marketing Strategist and Consultant
I was so excited to work with a Greek coach and help me through my sales process in order to create the base of opening a sales call and connect with my clients, building rapport and show my expertise and express the reasons why I am the perfect coach for solving my client's problems. I recommend Eleni, she is so professional and so gentle in guiding coaches.
Sophie Xouri
Financial Planning For Women Entrepreneurs
After my first Coaching session with Dr. Eleni Staraki I was so happy because she helped me understand how I was harboring conflicting thoughts in my mind that were delaying my progress. I gained so much profound clarity through Eleni and I am very grateful for her, she speed up my progress in my work. I recommend Dr. Eleni Staraki to everyone who needs a person with integrity to help them truly.
Eleni Nikolakakou
Teacher & Life Coach

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