Team Coaching & Development

If your goal is to develop the skills of a team within your business then let’s see how we can work together through custom-made programs that meet your business development goals.

  • Imagine your leaders being able to lead and inspire teams while also achieving corporate strategic business goals.
  • Imagine a workplace with seamless communication without disruptive arguments and complaints and excellent customer service.
  • Imagine teams that work together smoothly, can understand each other without delays, and are aligned to strategic goals of your organization.
  • Imagine an organization that decision-making and resolution problems will be done quickly, systematically and efficiently.

The successful version of your leadership possesses authority and credibility, inspires trust and respect, connects with others in individual and group level, articulates a clear and motivating vision and skillfully motivates and guides others to action.

Corporate growth and success is directly proportional to the growth and success of its leadership and human resources training your potential.


1) Workshops & Programs

Custom-made workshops and programs are the perfect solution for your business as they are made to support the attainment of your goals. It is also the right solution whenever you want to educate and support your employees and leaders personal development and growth.

Steps I follow:

  1. Evaluate your needs and possibilities (assessment)
  2. Design your team development workshop/program
  3. Implement the workshop/program training, (via Zoom or on-site)

Topics you might be interested in (not exhaustive list):

  • Prioritize tasks
  • Negotiation skills
  • Group interaction
  • Efficient task delegation
  • Leadership development
  • Strengths Based Leadership
  • Leadership Communication
  • Remote & Hybrid Leadership
  • Targeting increased performance
  • DEI Leadership (diversity-equality-inclusion)

Every custom-made workshop/program includes:

  • Sessions -duration varies from 1 hour to half-day, full-day workshops or longer team coaching programs, as well as 1:1 coaching sessions (via Zoom or in-person)
  • Assessments (according to the purpose of the program/coaching)
  • Coaching & development plan
  • Session recordings
  • Resources
  • Strategies
  • Ongoing support between sessions
  • Tailored to the goals pre-work/homework: worksheets and exercises, evidence-based techniques, tips and tools

2) Short Training Sessions, Masterclasses or Keynote Speaking

While custom-made workshops and programs are useful, you might seek a short-term solution. For this, short training sessions, masterclasses and keynote speaking events may be more suitable for your needs and purposes. These short interventions do not take more than 2 hours, and can be held as a stand-alone event or as part of a larger corporate event on-site or online in your organization.

Topics you might be interested in:

  • Effective goal-setting
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Work stress management
  • Effective communication
  • Excellent customer service
  • Strengths Based Leadership
  • Remote & Hybrid collaboration
  • Energy and time management
  • Cultivating a cooperative and team spirit
  • DEI collaboration (diversity-equality-inclusion)

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