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High Performing Team Leadership

influencing teams, performance and positive professional relationships

Join the 8-week High Performing Team Leadership Program for aspiring team leaders.

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The next cohort will begin in October 2023

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Now it’s the time to take your Team Leadership to the next level and increase influence so you can lead with impact.

“High Performing Team Leadership”

This group coaching program is for leaders who want to improve their leadership communication to lead a high-performing team:

  •  Delegate
  • Find their leadership style
  • Help virtual teams succeed
  • Handle team issues and conflict
  • Manage the people side of teams
  • Establish a high-performance team
  • Balance team and individual performance
  • Implement the necessary team work processes
  • Reach communication goals during team meetings

This group coaching program will take you on an in-depth learning and coaching to develop the leadership communication competencies you need to lead a high-performing team.

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One of the first responsibilities as a team leader is bringing together the right people or deciding how to work with the members we have to achieve the results we seek.

As the team leader, you will be the one to communicate to the team members individually and collectively the reasons for their selection to the team, the team purpose and objectives, the boundaries and your expectations of them as a team.

To best communicate your expectations of the team as you work with them to establish purpose, get results and earn their trust.

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What if you could communicate with confidence, clarity and influence so you

  • Provide feedback and still like you
  • You are seen and respected as a leader
  • Your ideas are heard and seriously considered
  • Make differing views and strong emotions work for you
  • Achieve efficient coordination among team members
  • Get what you want without you chasing after team members
  • Become able to harness the power of culturally different teams
  • Positively influence regardless your position and level of authority
  • Keep team positive, productive and engaged when working remotely
  • Handle difficult people & behaviors before they ruin your business goals

“High Performing Team Leadership”
stands for
Positive Influence
Inspiring language
Authentic Connections

Included in the group coaching:

  • hot seat coaching sessions
  • group coaching sessions workbooks
  • 4-months of accountability, support and guidance
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