Who am i

My name is Eleni Staraki.

I have a Certificate in Coaching – AC Accredited, Diploma in Coaching – AC Accredited from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA) and Diploma in Evidence Based Coaching from Athens Coaching Institute (ACI). I hold a certificate in Motivational Interviewing (MI) (foundational level) taught by Drs. William Miller, Theresa Moyers and Stephen Rollnick and provided by The Institute for Better Health (IBH).

I have a degree in philology from the University of Crete, School of Philosophy, Department of Philology, I have a PhD in Linguistics from the University of Chicago, Department of Linguistics and my research focuses on linguistic analysis of the meanings of language (semantics), how language is used (pragmatics) and how people’s behavior may be influence in a positive way by changing the way we talk (psycholinguistics). My articles have been presented in international and domestic conferences and scientific journals, as well as in the press. I maintain a legal company Staraki Coaching, no. registration 900690 (Lassithi Chamber of Commerce).

What strengths make me who I am?

Appreciation of beauty and excellence is my key strength keeping me over and above pettiness. I notice and appreciate beauty, excellence and skilled performance in all domains of life, from nature to science to everyday experience. I deeply appreciate a person’s ability to change. I believe that change is possible every moment and we have the internal power to change the world by changing within.

I have faced several challenges in my life experiencing a traumatic childhood and having to cope with very difficult people in my life. Courage helped me achieve the impossible. Honesty helps me to be authentic to myself and others. Perseverance helps me keep my focus on a purpose and not fix my view to obstacles and life’s past failures.

An essential tenet of mine is that I believe one problem may have more than one possible solutions. In other words, there may be multiple routes to a destination. I am open to listening and combining views and positions. The strength of creativity is the way I ground myself when I face the unknown and the unexpected, without sticking to rigid patterns or systems of thought and action.

I don’t like to approach tasks and activities halfway or halfheartedly that is why I like to do what excites me and brings me enthusiasm. A positive approach to life and activities that add value to my life make me view life like an adventure full of opportunities and things to learn. Receptiveness to new experiences makes me curious to other people’s worldviews -a skill quite helpful when I coach.

Do you have the courage and enthusiasm for the next step in your life's journey?

My services

Personal Life Coaching

for personal development, improvement and change.

Parent Coaching

for (future) parents but also for anyone else who has undertaken the systematic and daily care of children, for example, educational staff, nursery staff. etc.

Kids Coaching

for children of 5 to 12 years old, focusing on improvement and personal development in ten critical areas: family relationships, confidence levels, school environment, physical well-being, program / sleep habits, personality, influences, social skills, stress, and eating habits.

Youth Life Coaching

for young people of 13 to 17 years old, focusing on personal development in areas such as: school life and performance, athletic performance, personal improvement, career guidance, transitional stages and changes in their lives.

Academic Coaching

for students who want to enhance their skills and effectively deal with challenges such as time management, exam-related stress and performance, note-taking, mobilization, text comprehension, exam preparation, postgraduate writing, doctoral dissertation, career planning and career planning challenges in their academic performance.

Political & Leadership Coaching

for (emerging) politicians but also for all those who wish to be supported in their administrative, managerial and leadership duties or plans. For those who undertake or want to take leadership roles at work and society.

Disability & Trauma Coaching

for adults with disabilities but also for those who are experiencing an injury, physical or emotional, and who feel that trauma has played or is still playing a decisive role in the development of their lives, affecting their skills and weakening them emotionally. It is also aimed at parents with children with disabilities, employers who employ disabled people, health care providers or paramedics who wish to provide targeted assistance to their clients.

Communication Coaching

for those who wish to improve face-to-face communication, public speakers, journalists, teachers, interviewees, presenters, students and those who intend to take leadership roles at work and society.

Farm & Small Business Coaching

for those who wish to improve face-to-face communication, public speakers, journalists, teachers, interviewees, presenters, students and those who intend to take leadership roles at work and society.




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