Who am i

Hey, I'm Eleni

I’m a certified (AC, EMCC) and credentialized Executive Coach (EMCC) & Leadership Communication Strategist with a PhD in Linguistics, who has been studying how people’s behavior is influenced by the way we talk and communicate, since 2005.

I work with experienced, novice, and emergent leaders who want to build confidence to effectively communicate to build trust, earn respect, and get results.

Using practices, methods, and techniques backed by scientific research in Linguistics and Coaching Psychology, I’ll help you build confidence and competence in your unique communication style, so that you get not only seen, but heard and recognized as a leader in your workplace.

I regularly share my insights as a keynote speaker, trainer (NTUA, ACI), author (ACI & personal website) training & workshop facilitator and mentor at in-person or online events and conferences. I am also regularly featured as a guest on radio shows.

As your coach, I am by your side at every step toward your leadership journey. I help you keep an open mind, work on your personal and professional development by being honest and giving you impartial feedback to identify your blind spots.

I am with you to support you even in those moments you don’t believe in yourself.

I am here to help you build trust, earn respect and get results in your workplace.

Let’s have a conversation about your communication skills and how your communication style could help support your business initiatives.

Do you have the courage and enthusiasm for the next step in your life's journey?


1:1 coaching Leadership Communication Coaching

For experienced, novice, and emergent leaders who want to earn respect, build trust and get results.

Team Coaching & Development

If your goal is to develop the skills of a team within your business then let’s see how we can work together through custom-made programs that meet your business development goals.

Group Coaching Program

High Performing Team Leadership influencing teams, performance and positive professional relationships

Custom-made corporate training

Custom-made corporate training are the perfect solution for your business as they are made to support the attainment of your goals.

The LEADER EDGE® framework

Three are the main components of The Leader Edge Framework: (1) Self-leadership, (2) Leading others, and (3) Leadership Communication.

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