Politeness – An underestimated value

It is a daily phenomenon in the workplace that we can’t stand each other, some colleagues are stigmatized, and the day starts by going to work grumpy and in hostility.

Joy and kindness are absent.

What is present is the criticism, the insecurity, the feeling that we have to achieve more than we have already attained, and the fear of judgment. Therefore we have to oppose filters placed inside us from a young age and see the world as a threat instead of friendship, and unfortunately, this leads to separation instead of unity.

Socrates said that “No One is evil of their own volition .”The persona functions as taught. Once we shed our induced filter and see that we have nothing to lose from anyone and accept our fellow man as they are, then kindness arises as a natural consequence of the genuine expression of our true self.”

Naturally and organically, it creates a beautiful working environment.


Eleni Nikolakakou (ENCoaching )

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