3 mindsets that stop us in our tracks

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The right mindset is the essential motive in everything we do. However, our mind often creates thoughts that seem very scary but that in reality are just … words and images to keep us away from what we want deep inside us! These mindsets -based on fears, doubts and worries- threaten to throw us off our game or derail us completely.

In this post I share 3 mindsets that I have personally struggled with and overcome. My intention is to show that some of the things we believe in or are afraid of now may be obstacles, but they are not insurmountable.

Mindset # 1: I’m just not as good as my peers

Competition can be devastating, especially when you first start doing something. You may be tempted to see what someone else has done and feel that you will never reach it. The comparison inevitably makes you feel bad and can make you give up. Competition can become a positive experience if interpreted as a boost for you to try harder. It is important to be surrounded by people who are more successful than we are, in order to motivate and become even better. But beware, it is important to remember that they were not where they are overnight. It is up to each of us to pay attention to what history is making up in our minds about the competition and to choose to turn it into a positive experience.

Mindset # 2: I feel embarrassed. I must be wrong.

In many cases, those who criticize us just want to be heard, so if we listen to their point of view and tell them that we respect their point of view and maybe find a point of truth in their criticism, then we disarm them. Of course, we are not talking about rude discriminating, racist and offending comments, but about criticism where someone is upset or does not agree with our point of view.

Mindset # 3: I don’t have what it takes

Let’s distinguish lack of professionalism from perfectionism -we might confuse these two. Perfectionists avoid commitments, do not take their job seriously and are more likely to spend their time on meaningless activities, whining and wasting their time. They may have a lot to do, but they also have a lot of excuses for not doing so.

Professionals, on the other hand, are the ones who consistently take small steps towards their goal, and understand how to make things work. Professionals take themselves seriously and are trustworthy. A professional is different from a perfectionist. Professionals deliver no matter what, even if the result is not perfect. A professional also understands that the only way to become good at something is to do it consistently and with self-discipline. If you are struggling with perfectionism, you are not focusing on the actual content but on the image and how it will be seen by others. Being a perfectionist does not make you a professional.


Know how to get out of your head’s destructive stories. Become aware of internal thoughts and feelings as they occurring in the moment.  Surround yourself with the right people and motivate yourself. Hire a professional coach to support you throughout your journey to your goals!


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