Are you avoiding your goals? Here’s what to do.

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There are several things in my business that I really enjoy doing. For example, I like to plan and create my next business steps, identify opportunities and have coaching discussions with my clients. I could spend all day doing all these things and be full of energy and excitement.

But then there are some tasks.. that I would rather run a marathon than tackle those.

One of the reasons I chose to start my own business was because I do not need to do things I do not want to do. I stopped saying “yes” to situations and things that do not align with how I want to live and work. But this freedom can sometimes make me say “I do not want this” or “I do not like this idea” very quickly. So I wondered what would happen if I decided to slow down  and see why I avoid doing certain tasks.

For example, part of my job as a coach is to speak to radio. It was something I had never done in my life, I had never spoken in public before and even the idea of offering insight, support and tips for all related topics around coaching scared me. If you know me, you know that I like to listen to people first, understand them and through coaching questions help them create a new happier and more balanced life. And that’s really valuable to me! It’s something I take seriously.

However, I noticed that when I was on the radio, the conversations were very interesting. And yet, there was a time when I resisted speaking in public. The idea made me stressed. I was thinking what will happen if I get stuck and I do not know what to say. What if everything I say sounds nonsense or nobody cares? But when I looked deeper, then I realized that I felt stressed because I was thinking too much about how I would look to others.

The truth of course is that as soon as I started speaking on the radio the energy I had was incredible and I now know it’s right for my business.

So there are a few things we can do to clarify if this feeling -fear, nervousness, disgust, stress, etc- is something that really serves us or ultimately stands in the way of what we want to achieve and what we want to create in our lives.

The first thing you can do is consider how the result of this idea will help you overcome the feeling of uncertainty. Next, ask yourself if you avoid this idea because you feel insecure or because it is not in line with your values ​​and beliefs. Can you do something else? And finally, do experiment and look at the results. When you finally do what we avoid, how do you feel afterwards? And of course, do not forget that in order to change, you also need to change the way you talk to yourself. For example, don’t say “I have to…” but “I can…”.



Some things will not suit you for reasons of temperament and character. However, consider whether the emotions that are created are part of the process of learning new things: experimentation, uncertainty, failure, etc. Learning can make ALL of us feel uncomfortable. But stay with the emotion you feel and find out if it’s something that benefits or hurts you in the course of your business – and decide accordingly.


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