If you want to improve your life, you have to learn how to prune

Did you know that in order to prevent toppled plants or trees and ensure tasty, healthy fruits, farmers must prune about 40% of the plant’s or tree’s branches?

It seems counterproductive, but it is incredibly necessary. Successful professional farmers  know more than that!

I know you are not a tree or a plant, so 40% is just an arbitrary number. After all, I’m not interested in telling you exactly what you need to “prune” out of your life or how much. You may want 30% or even 90% of something. This is your call!

Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to look in depth the pruning technique and how it can contribute to our success and growth.

The farmers intentionally and consciously prune each branch or flower that belongs to one of the following categories:

1. Sick branches that no matter how long you take care of them they are not going to make it

2. Dead branches that take place and hinder the growth of healthy branches

3. Healthy branches and flowers that are not the best and the plant cannot nourish them all.

1. Sick branches should be pruned

Some flowers and branches are diseased or infected and will never going to make it. For some time perhaps, the grower can provide them with the necessary treatment. But at some point, he realizes that more water, more fertilizer, and more care will not help them recover. These flowers or branches should be pruned. Thus, the plant now has even more energy and resources to give to healthy branches. The energy is dedicated to feeding those branches that are going to flourish and bear fruits.

A message for our lives: Often – out of obsession, fear or guilt – we dedicate ourselves to relationships, goals, or habits that do not make us happy or allow us to express who we really are. But our energy is as limited as our existence on earth. If we want to live as we want, we need to avoid situations, people and habits that suck our energy to no avail.

Ask yourself: What relationships or situations I live in that siphon my energy off?

2. Dead branches should be pruned

Then there are the branches that are dead and take up space. Healthy branches need this space to reach their full length and height, but dead prevent healthy branches from growing as they should. What needs to be done is pruning the dead branches to give the healthy branches the necessary space.

A message for our lives: Either through negligence or haste we do not notice that there are situations and relationships that have completed their cycle and have nothing to contribute to our lives. Instead, they make us feel trapped in the past. Deciding to end these situations permanently will help us make room in our lives for something new.

Ask yourself: What situations or relationships have completed their cycle in my life?

3. Sometimes healthy branches should be pruned

Every plant or tree produces more flowers and branches than it can sustain. The plant’s energy and resources are not infinite. If the grower wants the plant or tree to have good yields, even healthy flowers and branches need to be pruned. Thus, the grower constantly monitors what is good but not best, and has to go, in order to redirect the plant’s limited energy to those flowers and branches that really have the greatest potential to bear fruits. The plant cannot reach its maximum potential without pruning. It is essential for the life of the plant.

A message for our lives: We can do anything, but we cannot do everything! What we can do does not mean that we should do it. If we choose what we really want (in relationships, at work, etc.) then we give our best to what matters to us and make room for a life characterized by quality.

Ask yourself: What is the best I can choose?

In business, in life, in relationships but also in self-care, the three types of pruning I described give us a clear message:

If we want to have results, then it is necessary to be selective.

Anything in our business and in life that requires us to dedicate our limited resources – that is, energy, time, talent, emotions, money – but does not contribute to the purpose we have in our lives, needs “pruning”.

We run on a finite number of sources and it is essential to know when, where and to whom/what we pay attention.

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Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

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