Three ways to gain control of your life

You may feel that you are not in control of your life and that you let other people’s decisions and desires guide you. To feel more in control of your life, you need to know what your purpose in life is.

Why do you do what you do?

You need to consciously recognize what makes you excited, what really makes you get out of bed every day without procrastination, without stress, without discomfort.

Living a life without purpose can have detrimental effects on our well-being. Many times, in fact, we experience some situations without knowing that they are related to the lack of purpose in our lives. Ask yourself:

– Do you feel overwhelmed by life?

– Do you struggle to make choices and decisions?

– Do you feel stuck, adrift, or thwarted?

Discovering a life purpose can help us gain control of our lives, make important choices and decisions, and feel less stuck, adrift, or thwarted.

In this article, I outline three ways to gaining control of your life, creating a purpose that will make you feel alive, complete and authentic.

1. Discover your talents

It is important to enjoy what we do. Many times, however, our talents are stifled in order to follow a more ordinary and expected way of life. Thus, we may reach a very mature age and still not know what we enjoy in life.

Do you wake up every morning knowing that you will spend the rest of the day with something you really love? At night, when you go to bed, do you feel calm and full that you spent the day doing tasks that (although tedious) employed your talents and strengths?

Ask yourself:

– What do I enjoy doing?

– With which teams do I want to share my talents?

– In what situations do I feel like I am losing my sense of time?

2. Consider your values

Your values ​​guide your actions and decisions. It is your main driving force and what is important for you in life. Values ​​such as freedom, creativity, justice, equality and goodness and so many others are a very good indication of what motivates you in life. A life purpose embodies all the values ​​that are important to you.

Ask yourself:

– What are the ten values ​​that are important to me?

– Which are the five most important to me?

– Which one is the most important value for me in life?

3. Set goals related to your life purpose

Goals and purpose are not synonymous. Goals are specific actions that serve your purpose. For example, your life purpose may be environment’s protection. One goal to help you accomplish this is to set up a beach cleaning campaign or to talk to your child about recycling.

Ask yourself:

– What are some authentic goals that I could achieve by next year that serve my life purpose?

– The next five years?

– My whole life?

Answer by giving specific details and deadlines.

To feel happy we need something more than achieving goals – it is necessary to know what our purpose in life is – and to express this in our daily lives.

Discovering our life purpose is not a question for philosophers but for all people who seek to create their own happiness.

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